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The Ins And Outs Of The Classical Education Method

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If you have a child entering grade school, you should consider sending them to school systems that focus on classical education. Classical education is a learning model used by legendary thinkers like Plato, Aristotle and Thomas Jefferson. This model features three phases – the grammar, dialectic and rhetoric stages – which allow your child to learn more efficiently as they develop as human beings.  To get a better handle on the educational opportunities your child faces by enrolling in a classical education oriented school system, read this guide to learn all about the classical education methods. 

What is the classical education model?

In the first stage, known as the grammar stage, your child will be receiving a strong foundation that will set the tone for the rest of their education. This is typically the phase that lasts until fourth grade, when children's minds are wide open to learning facts. They will learn things such as grammar rules, basic history, biological fundamentals, arithmetic and more. Building upon this strong foundation will set the tone for fifth grade and middle school, when your child enters the second stage.

Once your child reaches a certain age, the phrase "why?" is probably something you hear all too often. It is during this stage of their life, known in the classical education model as the logic stage, in which children will begin matching their building blocks with analytical thinking. It is during this phase that they will learn things like algebra, reasons behind major awards and the exploration of scientific method.

In the third and final phase, known as the rhetoric stage, your child will build upon the strong foundation set by the first two phases and will get an opportunity to express themselves with their knowledge. They will also be able to start exploring various facets of these tools to figure out which areas of study are the most appealing to them as they work toward exploring and establishing a lifelong career.

What are the benefits of the classical education model?

Sending your child to schools that follow this model will unlock a host of benefits and advantages, including the following:

  • This method builds a strong foundation that aligns with your child's natural stages of development
  • Classical education promotes critical thinking and analysis that transcends changes in society or technology
  • The method keeps your child competitive in the ever-advancing landscape of the world and job markets
  • Students must earn their grades by mastering subject matter

As you can see, this method is useful for parents who want their children to get the most out of their educational opportunity. If you want to learn more about how this track is beneficial, reach out to an educational facility that places priority on this approach. Professionals like Classical Academic Press can also help.