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Are You A New Teacher? 2 Ideas To Help You Get Ready

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Have you just been hired to teach school? If so, you must be very excited that your dream of helping to mold young lives is coming true. Are you just a little bit nervous? Thankfully, you have this summer in which to prepare for the first day of school and for the first day of your teaching career. From considering what your own classroom procedures will be to buying a classroom management textbook, here are some ideas that might help you to get ready.

1. Your Own Teaching Style

You probably already know the type of teacher you will be because you know your own personality. If you are a gentle and very patient person to begin with, that's probably the kind of teacher you'll be. If you are what some might call a tough cookie, you'll more than likely be quite a disciplinarian.

Perhaps you will realize that you want to adapt your personality to better fit the classroom, combining some gentleness with an assertiveness that will keep order in the class. Think of writing down the rules that are extremely important to you.

For example, write down that you will not tolerate vulgar language. Next to that, write down what the consequence will be when a student uses an inappropriate word.

You might also write down something like, I expect my students to treat each other with respect. Next to that rule, you might write down a consequence, such as Each time I see a student doing something extra nice for another student, I will give him or her a reward. 

2. Classroom Management Textbook

Think about doing some heavy reading this summer. Check out books from the library that will inspire you.

For example, even if you've read it before, consider reading the inspiring story of how Annie Sullivan taught Helen Keller in the book, The Miracle Worker. Think about also buying your own copy of a classroom management textbook.

Buying your own copy just means you'll be able to make notes in it, that you'll be able to underline parts that you want to reread, and then implement into your own classroom. Classroom management materials will more than likely have entries that come from other teachers who are experienced and who have had success in their own classrooms.

Think, too, of keeping a record of things that work in your classroom so that you can someday write your own classroom management textbook.