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Think You Have Anxiety? Signs That You Have An Anxiety Order And Treatment Options To Help You

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If you think you have anxiety you need to know for sure. This is because you should get treatment to help you. Below are three signs that you do have an anxiety disorder, as well as some treatment options available to you.

Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

The main sign of an anxiety disorder is to have a rapid heartbeat that comes out of nowhere. Once this happens you will feel claustrophobic, start sweating, and will become dizzy.

Panic attacks are also common. If you have this, you will become very fearful of your surroundings and feel an extreme need to be alone. For example, if you are in a building full of people and start to have a panic attack you may run to your car or run into a bathroom to be alone.

Another sign of an anxiety disorder is constantly worrying. For example, you will worry about things that you normally would not. You would also constantly think about these things, which will in turn cause anxiety.

Anxiety also makes you feel agitated and in very bad moods. You will feel like this for no reason in many cases. You will also have problems with sleeping. For example, thoughts will constantly race in your head, such as things you are worried about, and will cause you problems falling asleep. These thoughts may also wake you up in the middle of the night and then you would not be able to go back to sleep.

Treatment Options

One treatment option is to see your doctor. They may send you to a psychologist or a psychiatrist for further treatment. The medical doctor or the psychiatrist can give you medication to help you with your symptoms. It is important that you get down to the root cause of your anxiety, so the doctors can treat you better.

There are also self-help groups available that will have meetings. Many people in these groups have dealt with anxiety for a long time so they will have many tips to help you cope with your symptoms.

Purchase self-help books at a bookstore, such as by Mary Smale, to help you learn more about anxiety, the causes, as well as types of treatment available. There are self help e-books available online also that you can download to a reading device. This is helpful as you can take your device with you anywhere and read the e-book any time you want. These e-books can also be downloaded on your computer, tablet, or laptop.

Talk with your doctor about an anxiety disorder to help you understand everything better.