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Use Framing Services For Your Christmas Gifts

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Have you decided that this is the Christmas that you'll give everybody very personalized gifts? If so, maybe you can do all of your Christmas shopping right at a store that carries picture frames. From buying tiny frames that will be suitable for Christmas tree decorations to arranging for custom picture frames, here are some ideas that might help you.

Buy Tiny Picture Frames

You more than likely want to give small gifts to people like school teachers, friends in your book club, and others that you want to remember at Christmas without spending a great deal of money. If that's the case, think of going to a craft and hobby store that carries an assortment of frames. You'll probably find tiny frames that would be perfect for those little presents you want to give. 

The fun of buying those tiny frames is in what you'll put in them. For example, if some of the frames will be going to school teachers, get tiny artboards to place in them. Get your children to do a fingerprint on the artboard and then help them turn the fingerprint into something like a mouse or a porcupine. Draw a simple green berry wreath around the animal's neck and add some red dots. You've got a cute Christmas gift that is truly personalized.

Arrange For Framing Services

You might have items that will need custom framing. For example, maybe you have found recipe cards and old measuring spoons that once belonged to your grandmother. Wouldn't those items be perfect in a shadow box frame? You could even add things like advertisement cutouts from an old magazine to provide more interest to the framed collage.

Are you a great photographer? If so, maybe you have decided to give some of the photos you have taken yourself. For example, maybe you were especially happy with a beach picture that includes a remarkable sunset. Wouldn't that framed photograph be the perfect gift for somebody who will be getting a more expensive gift from you?

If you're not sure how you want something framed, a professional framer will have the training and the experience to advise you. For instance, if you are framing that sunset beach scene, the framer might suggest that you use the color that is found in the sunset as a matte for your picture. If you want a very elegant frame, the framer will more than likely suggest that you select a heavy gold frame. For something more casual, maybe a thin black frame would be better. 

For more information, contact a local framing service.