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Why Historical Non-Fiction Books About Woman Are A Good Selection For Your Book Club

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Are you looking for new ideas to keep your book club meetings engaging and interesting? Choosing historical nonfiction books about women for your monthly reading selection is a great way to keep your book club from becoming monotonous or uninspiring. It is also a fun way to visit the past and be encouraged by unique women who have made a difference in the world.

You can turn it into a series

With all the historical nonfiction books about women available, you will never run out of options for a monthly selection for your readers. To increase the fun and learning, turn it into a series and choose a different book each month for a three to six-month period. Let readers suggest a variety of books to read, and then have a drawing to make the selection each month.

Your members will be encouraged and inspired

What could be more inspiring than having strong women of the past to encourage you and your readers to pursue your dreams? Reading stories about the obstacles women overcame to accomplish their goals can be a strong motivating force. Your members can discuss the stories they enjoyed the most from the series and share how they were inspired to move forward with their unique goals.

You can act out a part of history

The great part about reading historical nonfiction books about women is the endless possibilities to relive a piece of the past. You may want to have a dress-up night for your club and have readers dress the part of their favorite lady from one of the books. Another fun idea is planning a meal centered around the culture and time when the book took place.

Your readers get to learn in a fun environment

If you or your readers found history class boring in school, studying about women from the past can be a fun way to learn in an enjoyable environment without the pressure of having to take tests or remember specific facts. You and your fellow readers will complete the series knowing interesting facts about the roles women played in history.

Breaking away from the usual best sellers for book club monthly selections is one way to keep your club from getting monotonous. Your fellow readers will enjoy learning about powerful women from the past. Historical nonfiction books about women will also encourage and inspire your book club members to reach for their own dreams. For more information about reading historical nonfiction books about women, contact a local bookshop.