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3 Ways To Use A Mountaineer Memoir To Plan Vacations

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Experiencing vacations in natural environments like the mountains can create unforgettable memories and offer an ideal way to connect to nature. While travel guides and websites can provide a lot of information, you can also read a lot of first-hand details when you read the memoir of a female mountaineer — such as Vanessa O'Brien.

Not only does a memoir connect you to a personal story and journey, but you will find a lot of ways to use the stories to help plan your own vacation. Check out some of the things to look for in a memoir and keep those elements in mind the next time you go to read.

1. Choose Vacation Locations

Chances are, if you read a mountaineer autobiography, the author would have likely traveled to a wide range of mountains across the globe. Through the pages of the memoir, you can read first-hand accounts of the mountains, first impressions, and what drew the person to the mountain in the first place.

All of the little details can help you decide on which mountain to visit and plan your vacation around. Look for details beyond just mountain climbing. For example, you could focus on the foods that the person eats before and after their mountain climbing adventures. All of those moments will help you make the best decision for your future vacation.

2. Learn From Mistakes

A memoir is most likely filled with a lot of ups and downs. As you read through the character's journey, you can learn a lot from their mistakes when exploring mountains. Some of the story may include stories about animal encounters, a lack of proper equipment, or mistakes when handling different types of weather elements.

You can use all of those experiences to learn how to adapt and prepare for your own vacation. The journey they go through may also include extra tips and help you plan what to pack.

3. Pick Up On Survival Tips

Climbing mountains includes a lot of survival skills. Even if you don't climb the steepest of mountains, survival tips can help you with everyday situations you encounter on your vacation. The tips may include the best clothes and shoes to wear for comfort. The tips may include the best protection from the sun or elements like biting mosquitoes.

Read a female mountaineer memoir to get through the compelling story. Then pick up the book again to take notes and use some of the best tips for your own vacation experience.