Reinforcing Your Child's Education At Home

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Tips For Buying Educational Books For Your Child

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Education is one of the parenting topics that can take the most of your time and attention. One way to reduce the challenges of ensuring your child becomes an active learner is to make education as enjoyable as possible. Investing in educational books that are geared to children can be an effective approach. Opt For Books With Laminated Pages When choosing educational books for your children, it is important to appreciate that children can be extremely hard on books. Read More»

Are You A New Teacher? 2 Ideas To Help You Get Ready

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Have you just been hired to teach school? If so, you must be very excited that your dream of helping to mold young lives is coming true. Are you just a little bit nervous? Thankfully, you have this summer in which to prepare for the first day of school and for the first day of your teaching career. From considering what your own classroom procedures will be to buying a classroom management textbook, here are some ideas that might help you to get ready. Read More»

Are You Teaching High School History For Your Homeschool Co-Op? 3 Tips To Get Your Group Ready For College

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Homeschooling co-ops allow parents to pool their strengths so that every student benefits from learning from the most qualified teacher. While your love for history has led you to be the ideal teacher for this subject, you also carry the heavy weight of making sure that each student in your group is ready for college at the end of high school. As you plan for the upcoming school year, use these tips to make sure that your history lessons are effective for preparing every student for the next stage of their academic career. Read More»

3 Tips For Buying Classroom Furniture

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Whether you teach kindergarten or adults, you need your classroom to be fully furnished with everything your students need to learn. There are many different types of classroom furniture, such as desks, but even desks come in many styles and sizes, which can overwhelm buyers. If you are in the market to buy classroom furniture, make sure to follow these three tips. Buy Versatile Items Education budgets are already small, so it’s best to find ways to boost savings when shopping for classroom supplies and furniture. Read More»

3 Ways You Can Encourage Young People To Share Their Bullying Stories

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In recent years, media coverage of young people who have been bullied to death is on the rise. According to a study conducted by Yale University, kids who are victims of bullying are between 2 and 9 times more likely to commit suicide. Learning the right way to help young people share their stories about being bullied can be essential when it comes to reducing the negative impact bullying has on the lives of victims. Read More»

The Ins And Outs Of The Classical Education Method

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If you have a child entering grade school, you should consider sending them to school systems that focus on classical education. Classical education is a learning model used by legendary thinkers like Plato, Aristotle and Thomas Jefferson. This model features three phases – the grammar, dialectic and rhetoric stages – which allow your child to learn more efficiently as they develop as human beings.  To get a better handle on the educational opportunities your child faces by enrolling in a classical education oriented school system, read this guide to learn all about the classical education methods. Read More»

4 Ways Preschool Prepares A Child Who Has Only Received Home Care For Kindergarten

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If you are a stay-at-home parent and your child has reached preschool age, you may be searching for the perfect preschool program to prepare him or her for kindergarten. Here are a few ways that the right preschool can help improve kindergarten readiness for a child who has only received home care: Academic Preparation A preschool curriculum will often include coursework that is taught in kindergarten, such as alphabet and number recognition, letter sounds, counting, sight word recognition and writing. Read More»